In today’s time the Internet is being used very much and every user wants to keep their internet fast, for this, the user must have good quality Wi-Fi and with this it is more important to fix the Wi-Fi. Here are the latest tips from our top experts on How to boost your wi-fi signal.

Keep and maintain router

The waves of Wi-Fi through your router manage very few miles compared to radio and mobile phone data, the router manages 150 feet at most, whereas the same radio and mobile data have the ability to manage many distances.

There is a reason for this because most of the routers transmit upwards and horizontally, so it takes time to connect when radio and mobile are portable devices, you can connect them wherever you want and their waves are also fast.

Keep your Router away from electronics device

There are electronics devices used in your home such as smart TV, DVD player, microwave, smartphone gadgets etc. which if used with Wi-Fi can affect your signal, so keep these electronics devices away.

Use secured VPN

If you are using free Wi-Fi somewhere, then the aim is not to gain momentum, you have to keep in mind that your data is to be protected from the trying eyes like encrypting your personal information and the best source to keep it private in public. VPN (Virtual Private Network) It is your device connected to your Mac, Windows computer and mobile devices after you have connected it to public Wi-Fi. Ta and secure the information and remove viruses coming to your system.

Choose a Right place of your Router

To keep your Wi-Fi in effect, choosing the right place is most important. Because if you put your router in a place where your signal does not come, then it will be troublesome for you. So choose a good place for your router where the waves and signals come very quickly and if the signal comes quickly then Wi-Fi will be improved.

Update the router periodically

If you keep updated in the field of technology, then you must have heard about the Malware attacks which causes business and individuals harm. To avoid all these attacks, you keep updating all the router from time to time, it will not cause any harm and attack. . The main use of a malware router is to infect your system, it can steal your system’s bandwidth and spread to other devices throughout the network.

How to check in your router running the newest firmware available

  • Open a internet browser on your system like Computer, Mac, Mobile
  • Then, connect to your router’s network.
  • Put the IP address in your browser with the information sticker on your router
  • Now log in with the admin username and password from the information sticker on your router.
  • Choose an option called Firmware Update or Router Update option
  • Now your router is looking for the latest firmware and will install after that while you wait

Get a Powerful antenna

It is necessary to have a good and powerful Wi-Fi antenna to boost and fix the Wi-Fi signal. It comes with a router which is longer and has 4DB.

Finally, So keeping all these points in mind, you can fixed the Wi-Fi settings.

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