If you are not able to connect internet to your PC or laptop through public Wi-Fi then you can also use your smartphone’s mobile internet connection and connecting mobile internet connection to PC is called tethering.

You will benefit from tethering, one is that it is faster than the public network anywhere and you can connect your system with the help of tethering anywhere.

What is Mobile Tethering?

Tethering is known as a mobile hotspot or portable Wi-Fi router that turns your smartphone into a hotspot or router It has a small local wireless Internet connection that turns on the tethering feature. With the help of PCs and laptops, gadgets, tablets, you can get an internet connection.

How does tethering work?

If your smartphone is not able to enable tethering via Wi-Fi then you can also connect your system with the help of Bluetooth or USB. When you turn on USB tethering by going to Mobile Settings, a Wi-Fi hotspot is created, it will appear in the list of Wi-Fi networks on your other system.

Simple instructions to access Mobile Internet to a PC With USB Tethering?

In current smartphones, the modem is the default that connects the computer to USB, which changes from a wired connection to a mobile connection.

Plug the USB cable into the phone’s USB port using a cable in your computer. Then configure android device

  • Go to mobile setting
  • Select Network & internet
  • Turn on Hotspot & tethering
  • Click on the USB tethering and enable it
  • Next screen, Hotspot & tethering pop up will appear
  • Then, tick OK to proceed.

The notification icon will be displayed after tethering is activated

Simple Steps to Connect Bluetooth Tethering With Mobile internet

The use of Bluetooth is another way in which mobile Internet connections can be connected to a PC or tablet. It passes your network through Bluetooth waves and paired the computer with your phone which has a limit of short range.

  • Go to Bluetooth setting option
  • Tap on Connected device
  • Choose pair new device
  • In windows 10 system, press Win + I for open setting
  • Click on devices tab
  • Select Bluetooth & other devices option
  • Then, turn on your bluetooth option
  • Press Add Bluetooth or other device
  • Choose your phone name when connect and pairing bluetooth
  • After paired, on your smartphone.
  • Open setting option
  • Choose Network & internet
  • Finally, select Hotspot & tethering and swith on Bluetooth tethering.

Simple Steps to Connect a Wi-Fi Hotspot to Your computer

Users can also connect your computer to your mobile’s Wi-Fi hotspot. It is more secure to connect with it because it also allows to keep strong passwords with private networks.

  • Go to Setting option on your phone
  • Select Network & internet
  • Now, tick on Network & internet
  • Click on Portable hotspot and turn on
  • User can change as per your choice like Hotspot name, Security and Advance option
  • Enter your new hotspot password

Simple Steps To set up windows computer now

  • Select Win + I function key to open Settings.
  • Open Network & Internet mode
  • Tap Show networks available, and navigate to locate the network that your mobile has built
  • Choose Network then press connect
  • Finally, put your password for get internet connection

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